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Butterfly Clip Cord


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Our beautiful salt lamps, from the foothills of Himalayan Mountains are more than just pretty to look at – they’re good for you. Salt crystal lamps generate healthy negative ions that cleanse the air. Ever experienced the change in the air after a good rain? That’s from negative ions, and that’s what these lamps do, and they don’t lose their power over time. Included: Zen Hardwood Base, FREE UL Tested Dimmer Cord ($15 value, if avaliable) 15 watt bulb, Individual box and care

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BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD , from the Himalayan Mountains. Nature’s own negative ion generators, these lamps can help create a cleaner, fresher quality to the air, reducing airborne pollution, smoke and dust. Negative ions are emitted by waterfalls, thunderstorms and the oceans. Now you can bring the power of this natural phenomenon indoors.

This natural BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD , is quite impressive. From a rough beginning as a large, specially selected bolder of Natural Salt, each BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD is hand-carved, shaped and rounded. The combination of this smooth surfaced BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD and the rough natural salt rocks it holds make it a unique study in contrasts. Each BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD takes 5 days to hand carve.

When illuminated, the light in the BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD casts a warm, colorful luminescence through the stones and makes an impressive statement anywhere in your home or office. Each BUTTERFLY CLIP CORD comes complete with a UL listed Cord and EZ Change Light

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